This is a friendly reminder to register for The 4 Week Financial Power Plan Live Masterclass
In this course you focus on 4 major areas in your personal finances. 
1. Credit Education & Credit Repair- You will receive a customized credit repair plan.  
2. Debt/Budget Management - You will create and activate your debt elimination plan
3. Savings and Emergency Funds- You will implement a systematic savings fund. 
4. Wealth Creation Fundamentals - Income Protection | Home-ownership| Estate Planning

If you saw my first email, you’ll recall that I have helped thousands of people improve their credit score and just last year I help helped almost 200 people purchase the home of their dreams.  And I am sharing my exact system during this Masterclass.
You’ll get results by day 15 of this Masterclass and improve your overall financial health in just 4 weeks.
So, register today! Now is the time to elevate your lifestyle and stabilize your personal finances.
P.S. Here’s a reminder of what’s included in this class:
  • 4 Live Masterclasses – Each module will focus on analyzing the pillars of financial security. In this class we will analyze and take action on your budget, your savings plan, your credit, your debt, and your plan for wealth creation.
  • Course Curriculum – You will receive a hard copy of the course curriculum, The 4 Week Financial Power Plan. You will also receive all needed resources to activate your financial plan.  
  • Credit Report Analysis and Repair Plan – I will analyze your credit report and build you a customize credit repair plan. This course guarantees your score will increase in 90 days.  
  • 1:1 Coaching Session – Each participant will receive a private coaching session for Q&A and plan activation.
  • The Financial Power Network- You will receive access to a community of accountability partners and resources as well as access to creditable financial professionals who will assist you with next step financial needs such as purchasing your home, investing in the market and access to free financial education for your youth.
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What other attendees have said...
"The Financial workshop offered during Recess 2018 was the greatest. Most memorable take away, invest in the upkeep of your home, it is one of your greatest investments." -Anonymous

"You fixed my life in Columbus with your 700 credit score class. Time for part 2." -C.B. 

"#recess2018 was an amazing experience, from the reception registration, Bee Avery’s Wealth conference Get her book or take her class. Cash is king Credit is queen! Be a blessing not a burden to your family when you pass. How to achieve financial wealth. Understanding a credit report and How to make money in your sleep, entrepreneur education!" -C.B.

"Today’s class was so awesome!!! The next 60 days, mmm mmm mmm!!! The best way to spend my born day is becoming financially free!!! #700creditscore #yougottodothework #signup #saveorslave" -N.B.C.
"The class was very informative. Even things I thought I knew were clarified. Everyone and anyone needs to understand credit better. The instructor was very knowledgeable. I truly learned a lot that will help my clients as well as myself. Thank you.'"-D.R.

"Learned more in 45 minutes than I have learned in 45 YEARS!!!" -L.H.C.
"Left my class feeling so empowered! I know it will work when I work it! Hearing all the encouraging stories was awesome! And when they said everything that touches the light you can have I almost erupted into a praise break!!! God I know you are working!!!" -A.H.
"In every possible way, as a future attorney we’re taught to look at the fine print and ask questions, but for some reason we’re scared to when it comes to credit and money management. Within that short time, I learned about reporting, interests, mortgages and auto loans etc. I will definitely be in touch after Law School and when I start making money!!" -T.J. 
"Fantastic presenter!! Knowledge is power and the importance of understanding the credit process. I will put this information to use."-Anonymous
"Excellent presentation. A wealth of information. I thought I was informed but actually learned something I didn’t know. Great job!" -Anonymous
"This workshop gave me some ideas, action plans that I need to put in place. For example: formulate a budget, build capacity, question if I should buy solo or with my husband. Thanks for the helpful information." -L.M.


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I look forward to helping you achieve your financial goals today! 

-Brandy N. Avery
Executive Producer
The 4 Week Financial Power Plan Live Masterclass 


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